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  • Bo Winegard

    Bo Winegard

    I’m interested in evolutionary psychology, history, baseball, and poetry. Wayward graduate student of Florida State University.

  • Angelique Charrier

    Angelique Charrier

  • Mark Hackett

    Mark Hackett

    Writings about faith and culture from Memphis, TN. “That relentless, tall guy.”

  • Jan D Weir

    Jan D Weir

    Trial lawyer, has taught Business Law at the University of Toronto, Author, Critical Concepts Canadian Business Law @JanWeirLaw | http://jdweir.com

  • Rodney Clough

    Rodney Clough

    Refuses to nap. Septuagenarian. Cliche’ raker. Writes weekly.

  • Mike Rosebush, PhD

    Mike Rosebush, PhD

    Lover of Jesus | Gay Married| Founder/Writer “GAYoda” | Counselor/Encourager

  • Chad Gates

    Chad Gates

    Philosopher by nature, technologist by training. Looking at how faith, science and philosophy overlap | Husband and dad

  • Andrew Ricketts

    Andrew Ricketts

    I’m a Caribbean and American writer from New York. My stories are about coming-of-age, learning how to relate, and family. It’s a living, breathing memoir.

  • Ash Jurberg

    Ash Jurberg

    I’ve been to 105 countries and am welcome back in most. Subscribe to Medium https://bit.ly/3EWjfmX

  • Eric Michael Garcia

    Eric Michael Garcia

    Writer, reporter @rollcall and music lover. ericgarcia@cqrollcall.com

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