Who Killed Sears and Kmart?

The real reason Sears (and Kmart) is vanishing from the retail scene.

Dennis Sanders
13 min readSep 28, 2021

The following is a series of stories on the downfall of Sears and Kmart. You can read other stories by clicking on the link below.

Sears and Kmart Chronicles

10 stories

I’ve had a strange obsession over the last decade or so: following the story of the downfall of Sears and Kmart.

What’s that, you say? You already know the story? Let me guess, you think Amazon ate Sears’ lunch because it failed to keep up with the times, right?

Now you wouldn’t be totally wrong in believing that is the reason that Sears is nearly defunct. But that’s the public story-the one people hear from the media. There is another reason that Sears is going down the tubes and it’s hidden from plain sight.



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