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Why Amazon Should Buy Sears

Yeah, it’s crazy. But it’s better than anything Eddie Lampert came up with.

When Sears filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy, the general belief is that this is just a prelude to a full liquidation. Sears (and KMart) have closed too many stores, offered poor service and product for far too long for things to turn around. the brand has been damaged too much for it to make turn things around and former CEO Eddie Lampert never really attempted to turn it around when he was in charge.

So, since Sears isn’t going to turn around on its own, then maybe the times call for something more drastic if not outright crazy: Amazon should buy what’s left of Sears.

Now, I know, it sounds ridiculous. Amazon is a trillion-dollar company. It is considered the killer of all things brick and mortar. But Amazon is starting to invest in brick and mortar stores, especially with its purchase of Whole Foods, the upscale, organic grocer last year. Whole Foods allowed Amazon to enter the grocery market in a big way and it opened up Amazon Prime to a new avenue: Prime members can save on products in the store. I’m not a regular shopper at Whole Foods, but when I have stopped there, it is nice that I can use my Amazon Prime account to save on grocery.

Sears doesn’t really have any Amazon wants except one thing: property. Amazon could buy what’s left of Sears(and KMart) and remake them into places supplied by Amazon. In an echo of days past, people could order something online on Amazon and it could be sent to a local Sears or KMart to be picked up. I could imagine a smaller format Sears, about the size of a Kohl’s, that would sell clothing an appliances. Or it could use where there are Sears and Kmarts and make them Whole Foods, which is basically what they are doing now as they eye closed locations of both chains as sights for Whole Foods.

The only serious bidder for Sears is their former CEO, Eddie Lampert, the same guy that has basically stripped Sears for parts and left it in the shape it is, not making any money since 2010.

It’s a longshot and it probably won’t happen. But it would be nice if the Amazon of old (Sears) was saved by the current Amazon.

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A middle-aged pastor living in Minneapolis. I write about politics, religion, sexuality, and autism.

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